Discover how Crownwall can beautify and organize so many areas in your home!


Use CrownWallTM panels as an interior finish; installed as a track, a section, or to cover a complete wall. Panels can be installed over drywall or directly onto studs.

CrownWall (TM)
CrownWall slatwall panel
CrownWall Slatwall Panels Overview

The CrownWallTM Difference

  • Faster installation time
  • Patented screw placement supports 100lbs per sqft
  • Rigid PVC withstands extreme cold climates
  • Full back panels eliminate warping
  • 6” designer panels
  • Smart trim for easy corner installation
  • Hidden screws for clean appearance
  • Universal accessory slot accepts standard accessories
  • Patented locking feature ensures level installation
  • Cavity promotes airflow and provides space for wiring
  • Flame resistant
  • Non-toxic material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Made in Canada
  • Lifetime warranty

Patented Screw Placement

CrownWall slatwall patented screw placement

Patented screw concealment & locking feature

CrownWall slatwall patented scre concealment and locking feature

A variety of trims provide for a seamless installation!

J-trim finishes edges of panels.

CrownWall slatwall J-trim finishes edges of panels

H-trim connects between each column of panels.

CrownWall slatwall H-trim connects between each column of panels

F-trim connects inside or outside corners.

CrownWall slatwall F-trim connects inside or outside corners

Top trim covers the entire upper panel.

CrownWall slatwall top trim covers the entire upper panel

CrownWall Anatomy

Standard Colours

CrownWall slatwall graphite colour


CrownWall slatwall dove grey colour

Dove Grey

CrownWall slatwall sandstone colour


CrownWall slatwall white colour


Premium Colours *

CrownWall slatwall black colour


CrownWall slatwall blue colour


* Minimum Order Quantities Required for Premium Colours

Featured Products:

CrownWall slatwall accessories


We offer a variety of CrownWallTM organization solutions all made from high grade steel. We designed our back plates to disperse the workload throughout the wall so you can hang whatever you want wherever you want.