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Folding Bike Hook #FBIKERK-L

The ultimate space saver. Keep your bicycle off the floor and easily accessible, no awkward reaching! When not in use the hook collapses neatly against the wall with the push of a button. The bicycle must have a horizontal beam in order to be used with this rack.


  • 10.25"(L) x 2.75"(W) x 6.25"(H)
  • 26.03cm(L) x 7cm(W) x 16cm(H)

Weight Capacity

  • Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg
  • Heavy-Duty Manufactured from high grade steel with a sleek, powder-coated grey finish which resists scratching and corrosion. Rubber coating protects and secures supported items.
  • Modular Our accessories are fully modular and freely repositioned. Add to your configuration or change it at any time.
  • Secure Featuring our unique locking mechanism, the textured thumb screw makes it easy to lock the hook in place, preventing any slipping, lifting or otherwise unwanted movement.
  • 5 Year Warranty We stand behind our products and guarantee that they will be free from defects.