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30" x 17" Deep Mesh Basket #BALLBAG

A stylish way to contain balls, children's toys and more otherwise annoying items. The durable front zipper grants easy access to items stored futher down, eliminating frustration.


  • 30-In(L) x 17-In(W) x 28-In(H)
  • 76cm(L) x 43cm(W) x 71cm(H)

Weight Capacity

  • Supports up to 40lbs / 18kg
  • Heavy-Duty High-tensile, black nylon mesh bag is effortlessly detached and machine washable. High grade steel frame with a powder-coated grey finish resists scratching and corrosion.
  • Universal Hanging Our accessories are fully modular, freely repositioned and designed to work with any slatwall. Backplates feature a predrilled hole for permanent installation if desired.
  • Lifetime Warranty