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Modular Floor Tiles

ZOOMflorTM Modular Flooring

The ZOOMflorTM tile system is a floating interlocking floor system, the 12” x 12” tiles are quick and easy to install. Holds 12,000 lbs per sq. ft.

Individual tiles are snapped together to form a continuous surface that is durable and comfortable.

Great for the garage, workshop, basement, cold cellar, playroom, laundry room, trade show flooring, and more!

Design your own floor today by going to

  • Anti-slip
  • High-Impact Polymer, High-Impact Polypropylene
  • Do it Yourself
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to oil, grease, and salt
  • UV stabilized, high impact, and fade resistant
  • Free-flowing underside allows water and moisture to escape
  • Recyclable
  • Made in North America
  • 15 Year Warranty

Complete tile system includes floor tiles, and edges.

Tile Pattern Options

Diamond Cut

Color Options